Maxie is the main antagonist of Five Nights at Maxie's 1.


She is a small, white cat with purple inner ears, inner belly, and snout. She has a small nose with nostrils which are HARD to see.


She becomes active on Night 3. She also starts in the Maxie Room, and then goes trought the Elevator, Counter Area, the Outside, and then, when in the outside, she will appear too early in the office. If in the office and ignored, she will kill the player. She can be warded off by the control shocker.


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  • An little girl may be named after Maxie.
    • Her father's nickname is also after one of the scrapped and cargoed off robots.
  • Maxie McKenny and Maxie are connected in some way.
  • Brightening the teaser which reveals that the little girl and Maxie are connected, reveals a mysterious animatronic.
    • That same mysterious animatronic was confirmed that it is Maxingtrap.
  • The name "Maxingtrap" is Maxie and Springtrap mixed together.
    • She is the only character to retain the endoskeleton for all 5 games.

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