Maxie was a 6 year old girl who was possessed by the power of a callous killer, Milla McShit. Milla killed lots of children... but she possessed Maxie... and then, killed her a few short months later. She was reported to be sick.


A lot little is known. She had a blue t-shirt, saying "Grimace!" on it, a yellow shorts that writes "Let's play Grimaces" on it, and bloody shoes. Sadly, she had blood all over her outfit due to the breathing problem caused by Milla.


In school, she has been getting 3 minus always, even if she did an task good, or bad. She has been called callous, and stupid, ugly, idiotic, crappy.


  • It's unknown why Maxie has died but it was maybe caused by choking, or being unable to breath for one week.
    • Milla would've killed her.
      • Some state that she had a lung disease, but that was disconfirmed.
  • Maxie was noted to be throwing up in school, and being forced to the restroom really frequently. It's unknown why.
    • Maybe her teacher heard that she got a bad stomach diesease for an unknown reason.
      • Maxie was also, taunted and choked by her older brother Tony.
        • Tony was punished when Maxie died.
  • Maxie was decapitated by Milla with a axe.
    • This would've been the real cause of Maxie's death.
      • This stated Maxie had lived only a few short years, until her viral death.
  • Maxie's mom and dad were left without kids in August 4, 1999 after Maxie has been decapitated.
    • Maybe, they got a new kid. Her name was after the dead girl Maxie, and the animatronic Maxie.
      • This states that in the story, there are 3 Maxies in total.
  • Maxie is the only kid that was too much sick.

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